Rapid Deployment

As Australian businesses move to a cloud-first focus, moving telephony has often remained the final hurdle. GenNet’s experience and partnership with Microsoft has allowed us to develop a comprehensive methodology to successfully move your telephony to Microsoft Teams using Microsoft Phone System.

To facilitate delivering Microsoft Phone System to smaller businesses GenNet have developed a low touch, rapid deployment methodology to meet the needs of smaller customers.


During the discovery phase we will deliver a remote workshop over a Skype for Business / Teams meeting. The workshop will be aimed at articulating the overall solution goals, discovering the details around the current telephony solution, establishing key contacts and discussing the requirements of the complete solution. We also cover Microsoft License requirements and end user devices as part of the initial discovery.

Rapid Plan

From the results of the Discovery phase we will build a solution design, including any remediation and pre-requisites required to “ready” your environment for the planned delivery.

Rapid Deployment

The deployment of Microsoft Phone System and enabling your users for Cloud Voice often progresses quickly following the Rapid Plan phase. We pre-configure SfB Online, or Microsoft Teams based on the designed solution before moving your number ranges to the new solution. This will allow you to familiarise your staff with the client and start to receive the collaboration benefits of the solution before number porting (if required).

Ready to go?

GenNet Envisioning and Scope Workshop:  

The GenNet Microsoft Voice Envisioning Workshop is tailored for medium to large businesses and builds on the Microsoft Practical Guidance for Cloud Voice (PGCV) framework envision stage. The Envision stage covers understanding and confirming customer business goals, setting objectives, key results and key success indicators, agreeing to scope and approach, while undertaking initial business and technical discovery to inform and drive the key planning activities. The Envisioning Workshops are intended to be run during the Envision Phase and can be repeated as needed to prepare for embracing new capabilities that deliver additional, incremental value to the business as part of the ongoing lifecycle.

The GenNet Microsoft Voice Envisioning Workshop will allow you to leverage and incorporate the information gathered into your own internal project delivery framework. This will ensure that your team have a complete view of how Microsoft Voice will be deployed and the business benefits you will obtain.

The typical agenda for the 2-day workshop is:
Day 1
  • Discovery workshop Discover existing infrastructure and determine the current state
  • Envisioning kickoff Define strategic objectives for next 12-24 months; define project team
  • Business use cases workshop Define business use cases for input to architecture
Day 2
  • Architecture planning workshop Define solution architecture
  • End-user adoption envisioning workshop Look at user state profiles and match potential device requirements
  • Execution planning workshop Understand resources and timeline required to reach each objective
  • Report of the individual workshops outlining the key elements discussed.

GenNet Planning and Readiness Assessment:

The principles of the GenNet Microsoft Phone System Planning and Readiness Assessment draw from the core essentials of the Microsoft Skype Operations Framework, Microsoft Practical Guidance for Cloud Voice and Microsoft FastTrack to deliver a concise plan to allow your business to migrate to Microsoft Phone System with Skype for Business Online or Microsoft Teams.

GenNet provides the following services during your Microsoft Phone System Planning and Readiness Assessment

Strategy Consulting:

Throughout the Microsoft Phone System Planning and Readiness Assessment GenNet will discuss the Skype for Business Online, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Phone System strategies and how your business can align with these strategies to drive the most business value. As we proceed through the design stages we will present you with the options around Direct Routing, Teams and SfB Online, and how your business requirements will drive your solutions to these technical considerations.

Readiness Assessment:


Utilize the information gathered from the 2 -day workshop to validate the discovery information

Bandwidth Impact Assessment

As part of the initial Discovery phase, GenNet will work with you to understand your local, wide area and internet architecture for the each included site, along with Microsoft Phone System persona profiles for users at these sites

Network Readiness Assessment

This is a GenNet guided assessment where we provide you with small form factor appliances, to be installed on your user networks. This appliance will generate synthetic traffic that simulates voice traffic data, internally between your sites and to Microsoft Azure. This will allow us to deliver an objective, comprehensive and simple to understand pre-deployment network assessment and verify the findings of the Bandwidth Impact Assessment.

Design Element

GenNet will create a design for Microsoft Phone System and Skype for Business Online or Microsoft Teams which will articulate your requirements, our design principles, and the outcomes of the planning phase. The design document will include design rationale considerations, configuration specifics, client requirements, number porting and allocation, migration plan and a high-level project plan for deployment.

Overall Assessment

The finalized Microsoft Phone System Planning and Readiness Assessment document, which will detail our findings, including any remediation and pre-requisites required to “ready” your environment for the planned delivery. The Microsoft Phone System Planning and Readiness Assessment document may include details relating to changes for Identity & Access Management services, Client readiness, firewalls, QoS, licencing and other areas as required.

GenNet Deployment Services 

The deployment of cloud voice services often progresses quickly following the planning phase. GenNet offer a customised approach to deployment, where we will balance the delivery responsibility with our customers where they request and have both the skillsets and capacity to meet the agreed timeframes.
This approach allows our customers to be more involved in the outcome and also provides hands on understanding of the environment as its being built.
Alternately, we can provide a full-service delivery model for customers who need a more traditional approach.
Following on the from the knowledge gained during the planning phase we will provide a proposal for the delivery of Microsoft Phone System Cloud Voice. This will follow the migration plan and agreed design that was created in the readiness and planning assessment.

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